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Actor Lee Byunghun has become a promoter of Korea in England.

After Korea’s greatest summer blockbuster ‘The Good, The Bad, The Weird’ was chosen as the opening movie of the Korean film festival in Eto be held urope’s largest multi-art and conference venue, the Barbican Centre in London. Lee Byunghun and director Kim Jioon volunteered to become missionaries of the Korean Wave.

Lee Byunghun, who left Korea on the 4th, will f the major three film industries, England.

‘The Good, The Bad, The Weird’ has been sold to 20 countries worldwide, including Hong Kong, Australia, and Poland, at the Busan Film Festival. The movie will be released on Christmas in France, and will penetrate into overseas markets such as England and North America. Therefore, Lee Byunghun’s visit to the Korean film festival to be held in London is significant.

After staying at the London film festival for six days, Lee Byunghun will be back to Korea on the 9th.

*promoter : 広報が
*venue : 会議場
*volunteer : 自任する
*missionary : 伝道師
*question and answer session : 質の回答時間
*major three : 3台,
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